Klimax LP12 Cardas Benz LP-S

The fleetness and musicality of an Klimax LP12 voiced with more full bodied bass and lower midrange weight.   

This is basically a full-boat build of the 
Linn Klimax LP12 except with the Benz Ruby LPS cartridge and the corresponding Linn Heavy tonearm weight to accommodate the 16g cartridge weight.  To build upon the Benz LP-S unflappable bass power and drive, we wire the LP12 internally with a custom Cardas LP12 Clear Beyond phono cable and add a Clear Beyond Power Cable for the power supply.  

Linn LP12 Turntable base chassis

Linn Ekos SE Tonearm

Linn Heavy Tonearm Weight

Linn Keel Subchassis

Linn Radikal Motor Machined Enclosure

Linn Karousel Bearing

Linn Trampolin 

Benz LP-S MR Cartridge

Cardas Clear Beyond custom LP12 Phono cable 1.25M

Cardas Clear Beyond Power cable 1.5M

We can build these with Woodsong plinths, Booplinths,  or Linn Gloss Plinths. The Booplinth machined bamboo plinth would add solidity to the presentation. 

An external phono stage is required.  

Note that photos of the LP12 are stock Linn photos which show the Linn Kandid cartridge.