Bowers & Wilkins

DB3D Subwoofer

The Bowers & Wilkins DB3D Subwoofer is a powerful and versatile subwoofer that delivers rich and detailed bass performance. The DB3D is built with advanced technology and two 8-inch Aerofoil Cone drivers that deliver accurate, controlled, and deep bass for music and home theater enthusiasts. The subwoofer boasts a 1000W amplifier that unleashes the full range of low-frequency audio, producing powerful bass that adds depth and impact to any audio experience.

The DB3D subwoofer has a balanced and precise design that fits unobtrusively into any living space. The subwoofer's robust cabinet is finished with a sleek matte black or white finish, complemented by a triangular design that allows for placement in tight spaces. The subwoofer comes with adjustable EQ settings that fine-tune audio output to match the listening environment, ensuring that the audio quality is optimized for any audio source.

The DB3D subwoofer makes use of B&W's advanced DSP processing technology, making it perfect for both music lovers and home theater enthusiasts. The subwoofer features fully customizable options, including built-in room equalization, frequency and phase adjustments, and filter controls. Overall, the Bowers & Wilkins DB3D Subwoofer is a highly capable and powerful subwoofer that delivers exceptional performance and is an excellent choice if you're looking to add punch and depth to your home's audio system.

The DB3D is available in Gloss Black, Rosenut, and Satin White.