Bowers & Wilkins

DB1D Subwoofer

The Bowers & Wilkins DB1D Subwoofer is a high-end subwoofer that offers exceptional sound quality and delivers stunningly deep and highly detailed bass performance. The DB1D Subwoofer is designed to provide maximum performance in large listening spaces, making it a powerful addition to home theaters, music studios, and auditoriums. At the heart of the subwoofer's performance is the unique Aerofoil Cone technology, which reduces distortion and delivers highly-detailed bass with remarkable accuracy and clarity.

The DB1D subwoofer boasts dual opposed 12-inch Aerofoil-cone drivers that generate deep and highly-controlled bass sounds. The drive units are powered by an innovative 2,000-watt amplifier that produces remarkable levels of power while minimizing distortion across the full frequency range. The subwoofer also features the brand's proprietary app-based setup system, which enables you to optimize the sound quality and adjust the subwoofer's settings to suit your specific listening preferences.

The DB1D subwoofer's design is as impressive as its performance. The subwoofer features elegant curves that create an appealing visual impact in any large listening space. The cabinet is finished with a high-gloss black or white finish that exudes luxury and sophistication, which is further enhanced by the clean and minimalist design. If you're looking for a high-end subwoofer that offers premium performance, exceptional design, and advanced functionality, the Bowers & Wilkins DB1D Subwoofer is an excellent choice.

The DB1D is available in Gloss Black and Satin White.