Bowers & Wilkins

ASW610XP Subwoofer

The Bowers & Wilkins ASW610XP subwoofer is a highly capable and powerful subwoofer that delivers deep, rich, and detailed bass. With its 10-inch driver and built-in 500-watt Class D amplifier, the ASW610XP provides remarkable dynamics and impact, making it ideal for music enthusiasts and home theater enthusiasts alike. The subwoofer's advanced filter circuits work with the integral amplifier to optimize the subwoofer's response and ensure high-quality bass reproduction.

The ASW610XP subwoofer features the brand's exclusive Aerofoil cone technology that delivers accurate and distortion-free bass. This subwoofer employs a powerful Extended Low Frequency (XLF) mode that enhances the subwoofer's bottom-end extension, giving you the option to dedicate it to just the lower frequencies. With its premium construction and advanced technology, the ASW610XP subwoofer is capable of reproducing even the subtlest nuances of bass accurately, producing a full and natural-sounding bass that is dimensional and lifelike.

The ASW610XP subwoofer features B&W's signature understated and sleek design, which blends seamlessly into any living space. The subwoofer's sturdy construction is finished in beautiful gloss black or white, with a polished front grille that provides a touch of elegance. The subwoofer is also equipped with flexible crossover controls that fine-tune the sound for optimal results, making it a hassle-free and user-friendly addition to any home entertainment system. In conclusion, the Bowers & Wilkins ASW610XP subwoofer is an excellent option for those looking to enhance their home's sound system with a powerful and accurate subwoofer that offers exceptional performance, versatility, and style.

The Bowers & Wilkins ASW610XP Subwoofer is available in Matte Black, and Matte White.