A100 Music Streamer / DAC

The Aurender A100 is a budget-friendly follow up to the popular Aurender A10. 

Like the A10, it has internal storage for your music and access to internet music services Tidal and QoBuz. 

Like the A10 it has analog outputs, so it's a Music Streamer. 

Unlike the A10, the A100 does not have digital outputs, so cannot feed an external DAC,  and because of this we generally don't consider it a Music Server. 

The A100 does have a single optical digital input so it can serve as a DAC as well. 

The A100 has a high performance MQA enabled digital-to-analog converter, 2TB of internal hard disk drive and one 120GB solid-state drive cache for playback, the A100 is the perfect solution for those replacing CD players or seeking one-box simplicity.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-8 days