A10 Music Server / Music Streamer / DAC  (on-demonstration)

The Aurender A10 is an exceptionally high value music player with a superior built-in digital-to-analog converter. It can serve as:

A Music Server, because it has digital outputs.

A Music Streamer, because it has analog outputs.

A DAC, because it has digital inputs. 

Lastly, it can even serve as a digital-only preamplifier, because it has variable analog outputs. 

On the topic of digital-only preamplifier:  You control volume using the Aurender Conductor app which shows a little volume control icon.  Via Aurender Conductor app settings, you can set the A10 to have variable analog outputs, or fixed analog outputs.  When set to variable analog output, the volume control icon shows up on the Conductor app screen. When set to fixed analog output, the volume control icon does not appear on the app screen.  The A10 does not have a physical wand style remote included, so you are limited to using Conductor for volume control changes.  

When running the A10 with variable analog outputs, the A10 is basically a digital preamplifier and connects directly to the input of your amplifier.  This is a very cost-effective way of achieving fairly high performance. In very general terms,  the performance of the A10 running as a DAC and preamplifier is what we would expect for a separate ~$2500 DAC driving a ~$3000 separate preamplifier.  

The full-decoder MQA DAC has a rich, organic sound that is extremely competitive sonically against stand-alone DACs costing as much or even far more than the A10 itself! With a 4TB internal hard disk drive and 120GB solid-state drive cache for playback and control by Aurender Conductor, the A10 is the perfect one-box solution for those replacing high-end CD players or just seeking performance and simplicity.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-8 days