John has been with Pearl Audio for seventeen years. He has been in love with music, computers and electronics all his life.  His mother used to exclaim 'Look at all those wires' as he was growing up building remote controlled air-boats, fish finders, radios, electro-magnet animated robots, giant balsa wood gliders, and of course, an S-100 computer.  His first job was as 'the kid' at Computer Re-mart which strangely enough was only three blocks away from where Pearl Audio is today.

Prior to Pearl Audio he worked as a software engineer in telecom, finance, and multi-media applications.  He greatly enjoys setting up high performance computer based music systems for clients. John is also an analog addict and has been setting up turntables for nearly twenty years now.  


Russ has been with Pearl Audio for eleven years.  Russ brings calm to our store.  There can be phantoms, there can be fires on the road, and Russ will serenely and calmly acquire and judiciously utilize both the fire extinguisher and the anti-phantom fogger.  Russ has been with Pearl Audio for a decade now, and his 'do it right' work ethic, excellent musical ear, and talent for perfect customer service have already made him one of 'the greats'. Russ is as honest as the day is long.

Russ enjoys photography (Yes, it's Russ from Glazers Camera), vintage auto rallys and traveling extensively throughout the great Northwest.  Russ is an analog addict too. He's only been setting up turntables for six years, but his natural sense of mechanics (He did drive a vintage MGB cross country last year) and natural thoroughness has made him a master early on. 


Connor has been with Pearl Audio for eight years. Connor is our not-so-little anymore science and audio wizard. Connor started drawing pictures of speaker boxes and drivers and putting them up all over his room as a six year old. He walked into our store when he was fifteen years old and asked to hear some big gun hifi.  He was polite, well-spoken, and clearly in love with the equipment and amazingly helpful, so we eventually we gave him the run of the store whenever he visited. 

As it dawned on us that he knew more than any of us, we eventually offered him a job. To our amazement he sold a big Linn system on his official first day AND did great job setting it up and supporting his new clients.  Years later, Connor still combines his early age love of high end audio, his knowledge of science, a Chemistry degree, and a genuine caring for others to provide a wonderful purchasing and ownership experience. 


Tara aka The Great Organizer is our office manager and service coordinator. Coming from a long line of musicians, Tara is a jazz saxophone player and our name that tune dojo champion. Tara loves everything from Lady Day to Lady Gaga to the Muppets who go Mana Mana. Tara enjoys concerts, running and volunteering with Rotary. Tara has a heart of gold.

Tara grew up in Missoula Montana where her music loving mother and her music professor grandfather mentored her lifelong love of classical music and opera, with a dash of Justin Timberlake of course. Tara also grew up as a member of the Children's Theatre of Missoula, something that doesn't show in the least.


Susan has been with Pearl Audio for seventeen years.  Susan also brings calm to our store. Susan is our CFO (Chief Financial Or-Else!) who keeps our businesses finances on track and the books in order. Susan's been with our store since its early beginnings in late 2002. Susan enjoys music, traveling to the great outdoors and spending time with her family including her golden retriever Caribou (aka friendliest dog ever).