JL Audio

In short, JL Audio builds the highest quality subwoofers available and that's why we have them.  JL subwoofers have astonishing performance and there's no mystery why -  with their massive inert enclosures, heavy duty hardware, multi-thousand watt amplifiers, and one of a kind purpose built woofers they are a high expression in the craft of subwoofer design and construction.  Just LOOK at the woofer below!


The proof of course is in the performance and Pearl Audio can show you because we have a a pair of JL F113's gracing our large sound room.  JL's should always be in pairs because they have so much power that you want to load the room evenly for a proper bass wave launch otherwise it sounds like the band's strong on one side and weaker on the other.   In our store, one flip of the switch to turn these on and you'll hear what true bass foundation is.  The difference made by adding two 3000 watt subwoofers to a system is quite something.  You'll feel a huge bass wave explode at one end of room and roll through the sound room hitting you like a ocean wave, then find yourself waiting for the next wave!  Want to hear why you need two? We're happy to (temporarily) turn one off so you can hear the difference. 

Pearl Audio goes out with each and every one of these JL subwoofers so we can set them up for perfect integration with your room and Speakers.  

To calibrate the JL Sub to the room, we use JL's excellent built-in microphone based calibration. You run that and the sub will play a sequence of test tones, and adjust the subwoofer's frequency response. For example say your room has a 15 decibel 30 Hz peak.  The JL Audio auto-calibration will reduce Fathom's output 15 at 30 Hz to give you even room response. It's terrific, but it has absolutely nothing to do with setting the JL Audio up for your speakers. How could it? Your speakers are off during this setup step. 

To calibrate the JL Sub to the speakers, our Pearl Audio setup experts will play our own test tones through your main speakers,  the JL Sub alone, and the JL Sub and main speakers together.  This trio of main speakers, sub, and room determines the settings on the JL Audio front panel.  Based on what we hear and measure with our own microphones and ears, we set the JL Subwoofer's front panel controls to integrate with your main speakers.  These controls set the subs high and low frequency points, the phase angle, the bass integration point crossover slope, and the volume.  

During our subwoofer setup process, we often play the sub right out of the box, after JL Microphone room auto-calibration, then finally after our own by-hand sub-speaker-room calibration, so you can hear what we are bringing to your system's overall performance.  We also ask for your feedback on how much output you want - some people like to barely hear the sub, but others want it to be more prominent.   Lastly, we email a photograph of your JL subs front panel settings so you reproduce the settings. 

Note that for distances above 25 miles from our store, we do handle these on a case by case basis and do need to charge for travel time and expenses.

JL Audio Introduction Video