Dynaudio has been producing high-end loudspeakers in Denmark for over 40 years. Their clean Scandinavian designs neatly hide some of the world's most advanced electroacoustic engineering. 

While most loudspeaker companies order off-the-shelf or custom drivers from a handful of European or Asian manufacturers, Dynaudio designs and builds all of their own drivers. Indeed, for much of their corporate history, Dynaudio supplied drivers to many prestigious high-fidelity manufacturers and developed a reputation for building the world's best silk-dome tweeters. Today, Dynaudio's legendary drivers are only available in Dynaudio loudspeakers. 

Dynaudio's engineers pay great attention to the horizontal and vertical dispersion characteristics of their loudspeakers, recognizing that the sonic energy going into the room is just as important as the sound going directly to the listener. Through extensive measuring, modeling, and listening Dynaudio optimizes how their loudspeakers interact with their entire acoustic environment. In practice, we find that these efforts mean that Dynaudios have exceptional soundstaging and are easy to integrate into different rooms, including challenging environments with asymmetrical surroundings and hard surfaces like walls of glass or stone. Where many speakers would sound bright or echo, Dynaudios retain their intended voicing and sound full and powerful.

Dynaudio manufacturers their entire loudspeaker range in Denmark from their least expensive standmount to their flagship Confidence range. This commitment to high-quality manufacturing is clearly evident in the quality of the finished products.

Pearl Audio displays a wide assortment of Dynaudio loudspeakers from their Evoke, Contour and Confidence ranges.