Pearl-Trade & Pearl-Twice

Pearl Audio specializes in new and used high end audio components.  Our Pearl-Trade trade-in program offers excellent trade-in values for your amplifier, preamplifier, integrated amp, or speakers.   In addition, we offer Pearl-Twice: If you buy an amplifier, preamplifier, integrated amp, DAC or speakers from us new, within one year we will give you value-paid for it towards a like product of twice the price.  So if you buy a new amplifier for $1000, within a timeframe of one year we will give you $1000 towards a new amplifier priced $2000 or above. 

If you have pre-owned High End Audio equipment you would like to trade-in, consign, or have us purchase outright, please email us or give us a call at 503 222-2599 and we will be happy to provide an estimate.   We are always interested in other quality high end items, including turntables, cables and accessories from McIntosh, Ayre, Linn, Clearaudio, Marantz, Fisher, VAC, VTL, Naim, Pass Labs, Jeff Rowland, Mark Levinson, conrad-johnson, Thorens, Rega, and Porsche to name a few.   

Fill out the form below (or call us 503 222-2599), and we will get back to you with some initial/general trade-in values right away. Final item value set when item is actually seen and evaluated in-store. Accessories, manual, box and condition affect values.

Trade-in program is for the local Portland, Oregon market only.  No shipping or remote transactions.