Ayre Acoustics

Pearl Audio and Ayre Acoustics, in a sense, 'grew up together'. We became an Ayre dealer in 2004, which makes us one of the longest running Ayre dealers in the country. Ayre was then a six year old company with six products, and Pearl Audio was a two year old company (with six products). We still remember when people would come into our little store and ask "What's that silver equipment?" Few people had heard of Ayre Acoustics at that point, but when they heard the music it made, they'd invariably fall in love. We still have customers enjoying the systems they bought in those early days. Several years onward, Ayre became one of the most prominent and respected hifi brands in the world. We're proud to carry it to this day and are still in awe every time we listen. Ayre Acoustics products are hand-built in Boulder, Colorado.

Pearl Audio has been an Ayre Acoustics Dealer since 2004.