Audio Research

We probably don't have to tell you why you should buy an Audio Research. You probably already know that they've been the world's leading tube hifi brand for nearly 50 years and that they've been hand-made that whole time in Plymouth, Minnesota. You probably know that Audio Research was HIGH DEFINITION before color TV overtook black-and-white. You probably already know that they're veritably the Porsche of high-end audio - they aren't cheap, but their performance annihilates competitors at triple the price. Even if you don't read Stereophile, you probably know that their products habitually collect Class A ratings, because of course they do. You've probably seen their legendary build quality and circuit boards packed with top-of-the-line capacitors and fully-tubed power supplies.

But really, if you've listened to Audio Research, you don't have to know any of these things. You just know that you won't settle for anything else. 

Pearl Audio has one of the largest displays of Audio Reseearch components on the West Coast. We have both Foundation and Reference series on display, including the new REF160S and REF160M.