Magnepan CCR Center

The Magnepan CCR is Magnepan's true-ribbon center channel, intended to mate with the Magnepan 3.7 and 20.7 speakers.  The true-ribbon drivers are much faster and resolute than the quasi-ribbon drivers and are ideally matched together for the three front speakers of a home theater.

The CCR has a frequency response of 200-40Khz.  

We recommend blending this CCR with high quality fast subwoofers and high quality audiophile electronics.  We also strongly recommend additional DWM base panels or CC speaker-stands to add more low end Magnepan-fast bass in the 50-200Hz region. 

In our own store we've had excellent results using McIntosh processors and amplifiers with Magnepan true-ribbon based theaters and fast JL F series subwoofers.  The Mac processors are low noise which the ultra-revealing true-ribbon tweeters need to provide an enjoyable theater.  The 3-D room configuration of the 160/170 Mac processor  provides an excellent platform for performance tuning a Magnepan theater.