Turntable Package

Pro-ject Carbon Debut / Maia S2 / Box 5

Pro-ject Table-top turntable system.

Pro-ject Carbon DC turntable $399

Pro-ject Maia S2 integrated amplifier $599

Pro-ject Speaker Box 5 speakers$299

Tributaries 14g copper speaker wire 8ft/side $80

Classic Pro-ject Debut Carbon table with Speaker Box speakers powered by the Maia integrated amplifier. 

The Pro-ject Debut is the all time classic entry level audiophile turntable and features the carbon tonearm with Ortofon 2M cartridge.  A dustcover is included.

The Maia integrated amplifier has built-in MM/MC phono stage, analog inputs, USB , Toslink, Coax Digital and Bluetooth.  You control the Maia with an included remote. 

The Pro-ject Speaker Box 5 speakers are matched to the Pro-ject Maia amplifier and produce a warm and full sound via their soft dome tweeters.