Turntable Package

Luxman L-509X PD-171A / Dynaudio

Luxman Reference and Dynaudio

Luxman L-509X integrated amplifier $9495

Luxman PD-171A turntable $6995

Nordost Heimdall II tonearm cable $799

Koetsu Black Goldline cartridge $2995

Dynaudio Contour 30i speakers $7500

Fine Japanese luxury manufacturing combined with the extraordinary sonics of the Danish engineered and manufactured Dynaudio Contour speakers.  This is a system for the ages and one that frankly will last ages.  Just look at the extraordinary build quality of the components. The Luxman metalwork is artistry unto itself and bespeaks the quality and pride of Japanese manufacturing. Look at the turntable for example - the top plinth is actually a 15 mm thick piece of aluminum and the platter is a 12 lb solid piece of machined aluminum that insets.  

The Luxman L-509X is up there for the best receiver money can buy. It's exquisite to look at, the switchgear and knobs turn with the precision of a fine Japanese watch and the sound is very nuanced and almost holographic in its presentation.  One of the striking things about the L-509X is how is manages to combine power with extraordinary and effortless resolution while still bringing a warm and involving tone to the music.  This is Luxman's only Reference series (white metered) integrated which means they put extra quality and extravagance into every aspect of its design and construction.  

The Luxman PD-171a turntable looks like a vintage turntable but has modern day precision Japanese manufacturing and absurdly overbuilt mechanicals.  If this were a car, it would be a Lexus LX-470 Landcruiser.  It weighs 51 lbs and every millimeter of it goes to heavy stainless steel and aluminum construction.  One extra-great feature of the PD-171 is a sealed bearing design which means no dust or debris can ever get into the bearing well. During setup we spun the PD-171's platter manually took a video of the spinning platter - it took 3 minutes for it to spin down to zero.

For a cartridge, we decided to continue on the theme of Japanese  fine artisanship with a Koetsu Black goldline cartridge which shares a similar voicing of exquisite resolution and nuance combined with a warmhearted tonal balance.  

This is really a system that you can put any set of speakers on - the Dynaudio Contours are just some of our store favorites. The Luxman L-509X  electronics are exquisitely crafted The gorgeous Sonus faber Olympica Nova III speakers, hand-made in Italy with exquisite woodworking and metal work, combined with the knockout chrome and vacuum-tube beauty of the wonder-twin McIntosh MA352 and McIntosh MT2 turntable.  Beautiful during the day - you can see the woodwork and polished stainless steel, and beautiful in the evening - you can see the tubes of the MA352 glowing and the blue meters and green all reflected on the polished stainless steel chassis. The MT5 turntable has a platter than glows and you can simultaneously adjust the MA352 and MT5 brightness to your liking. 

Dynaudio Contour 30i speakers with grey gloss birch finish look fabulous with the polished aluminum Luxman components. The Contour 30i is one of our best all-around speakers combining resolution, bass, and a linear presentation that brings out the warm tonal character and high resolution of the Luxman components.  For upgrade speakers you could easily put a set of Dynaudio Confidence 20's or 30's on this and just enjoy the increase in resolution. 

Nordost cables bring out fine resolution very well which nicely complements the Luxman components. The Heimdall II is the first cable in the Norse series and has the micro-monofilament technology which does reveal more fine detail.  Upgrading to Nordost Frey, Tyr or even Valhalla would make sense on this system as the electronics quality allows the system to keep getting better.

Pricing is approximate and will depend on cable / cartridge options and configuration.