Magnepan .7 Oval

This is the same as the standard Magnepan .7 except it has the Oval Stand. The Oval stand gives and takes. 

One area in which it takes is that the speaker loses a little of the forward/back stability of the angled stand. You can put your hand on top the the speaker and feel a more weeble-wobble, but it won't fall down.  We originally had .7's with Oval Stands and I could not really hear a difference in the stillness of the presentation vs the angled stand.  You could probably remove this effect with some glue-on cone spikes or place them on a hard surface.

 The .7 Oval Stand takes, in that you cannot store them as compactly like we do here in our store - probably not a problem for most home users.  

The .7 Oval Stand takes, in that it's now  taller, so it's more visible as a tall object in a room. It's slightly more narrow in profile. 

The .7 Oval Stand gives in that I generally consider the Oval version to be a little less visibly detractive and attractive, as it's a nice vertical object whereas the angled stand version seems to be visually wider.   You're mileage will vary.

The .7 Oval Stand gives, in that it makes the speaker easier to move around if you're one of those folks who wants to bring the speaker out for listening.  It's a breeze really because it's light and the oval lets you rock it a little while moving whereas the angle bracket standard model you pretty much have to pick it up to move it.

The .7 Oval Stand also gives, in that it gets the speaker up higher off of the floor, so the window of the music is more generally at your ear height as you are listening to the music. The increased height definitely gives you a taller image and seems a little more natural.  Think of a TV that's on the floor angled up at you vs one that's on a tabletop and you'll get the idea. 

The .7 Oval takes, from your wallet - another $300 over the standard .7.