Emotiva is our performance value product line.  We like it for the gigantic breadth of their product offerings, the no-nonsense engineering/build with quite a few unique flashes of brilliance and the enormous power per dollar you get with their amplifiers.

For example, their XPA-2 Gen3 amplifier is only $999.  It's heavily built, weighs over 80 libs, yet still has an honest to gosh 300 watts of power into 8 ohms and 490 into four.  How about that for a big Magnepan 3.7i!  You can start with the XPA-2 as a two channel amplifier, then later add in up to seven channels for a full on home theater.  An XPA-2 with all seven channels populated is the same thing as an XPA-7.  We love this amplifier for Magnepan or big Dynaudio and Sonus speakers.  If you want your big speakers to get up and put out some serious bass, this is a great choice.

Emotiva is also a good sized, well established company.  We strongly believe that any product we sell should have a company that will be there when it comes time for service down the road.  Emotiva is still a fairly young company, but it's run by industry veterans, and in a short time has achieved a  great deal of marketshare in home theater and value priced performance stereo systems.  

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