Xeo 20 Wireless

"If ever there was a perfect example of win-win for the hi-fi shopper, the Xeo 20 is surely it."-Dynaudio Xeo 20 Review

Powered Wireless Speakers from Dynaudio, and an update over the Xeo 4. 

You’ll have already noticed the facelift. Dynaudio's designers have rounded the corners and softened the edges. They’ve moved the infra-red receiver from the top to under the woofer for a neater, cleaner look. And they’ve made the metal driver parts black for a touch of Nordic simplicity.

If you were to take the speaker apart (although we’d really rather you didn’t), you’d see just as many developments inside, too. The 14cm Esotec MSP driver and 28mm Esotec soft-dome tweeter (both packed with legendary Dynaudio tech, including aluminum voice-coils and innovative magnet systems) are each powered by their own 65W digital amplifiers. And because one size doesn’t always fit all, each amp is precisely tuned and optimized for the driver it’s powering – giving our engineers incredible control over their performance.