Magnepan CC5 Center

The Magnepan CC5 is a center channel loudspeaker that is designed to complement Magnepan's other full-range planar magnetic loudspeakers, providing a seamless and cohesive front soundstage for home theater setups. The CC5 features a 1-inch thick panel that measures 14 inches wide by 24 inches tall, with a thin-film planar magnetic driver.

The CC5 is known for its exceptional detail, transparency, and imaging, providing clear and intelligible dialogue and sound effects in movie and TV show soundtracks. Like other Magnepan speakers, the CC5 also features a dipole design, which creates a spacious, natural sound that is free from the coloration and distortion often associated with traditional box speakers.

The speaker requires a good deal of room space to perform at its best, and it is recommended to be placed at least 12 inches from the back wall and several feet from the side walls. The CC5 is a popular choice for home theater enthusiasts who want to experience the exceptional sound quality of Magnepan speakers in a center channel configuration that complements their existing Magnepan speakers.