Bowers & Wilkins

ASW608 Subwoofer

The Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 subwoofer is a compact yet powerful addition to any home entertainment system. This high-performance subwoofer delivers impressive bass frequencies that bring your music and movies to life. As one of the smallest subwoofers in the B&W lineup, the ASW608 fits easily into any living space without compromising on sound quality.

At the heart of the ASW608 subwoofer is a 200mm driver with a unique dust cap that maximizes bass response while minimizing distortion. The subwoofer is also equipped with an advanced class D power amplifier that delivers up to 200 watts of power, providing plenty of headroom for the amplifier even in demanding scenarios. The subwoofer can be adjusted to suit your room acoustics, ensuring that the bass output is optimized to your listening environment.

The ASW608 subwoofer features an elegant and minimalistic design, making it an excellent addition to any modern living space. The subwoofer's cabinet is finished with a high-quality matte black veneer that adds a touch of sophistication to its aesthetic. The compact design allows the subwoofer to fit comfortably into any room, without taking up too much valuable space. Overall, the Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 subwoofer is an excellent choice for anyone who wants powerful bass performance and a sleek, stylish design in one compact package.

The Bowers & Wilkins ASW608 Subwoofer is available in Matte Black, and Matte White.