Benz Micro

Benz Micro phono cartridges have been in production since the 1980s, earning a reputation throughout the world as one the top brands in the field. Ernst Benz, founder and designer of the original Benz-Micro cartridges, retired in 1994 and sold the cartridge production operation to Albert Lukaschek. In 2000, Albert relocated and modernized the factory, employed a highly-skilled workforce, introduced many new models, and expanded cartridge manufacturing.

2015 saw the re-introduction of a Benz Micro classic, the S Class models of the Wood Body that incorporate the Benz Micro Ridge stylus coupled to the 4th generation cross-coil-generator based cartridges.

Hand-building a phono cartridge is a highly developed skill, requiring specially trained technicians working with microscopes and ultra small-scale manufacturing. Benz Micro’s current production team represents the best of the best for producing state-of-the-art phono cartridges.

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