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Quadraspire Racks

Quadraspire Q4 Evo Rack

On demonstration. 

Quadraspire pricing is by the level. Each level includes your choice of columns or feet.  The Q4L rack is priced at $219/level for standard finishes, so a three shelf is 3* $219=$657. 

The Quadraspire Q4 Evo rack is a mainstay in our store. It's compact and elegant. It's the perfect rack for our Linn, Rega and lower depth components.  On the underside of each shelf, Evo routing makes the shelves lighter and lowers their vibration, which in turn does indeed improve the sound.  We have a handful of the older non-evo shelves and you can hear the difference.  Pearl Audio Store rule: When building a Quadraspire rack, always put EVO shelves on top of the rack because that's where we put turntables,  and turntables love low vibration surfaces. That's also where we tend to put (tube) preamplifiers.

The Q4 is an excellent sounding rack. In year 2007, we had been a Quadraspire dealer for about 4 years when we were delighted to host a visit from Quadraspire Founder Eddie Spruit when he visited from England and toured his American dealers. 

We were slightly skeptical when Eddie suggested that our Linn equipment might actually sound better on the little Q4 than our uber expensive high end Fine German German Music Machine racks with all their crazy internal resonators and rather painful to assemble suspension components.  We knew these big German racks made a difference with our components because we were often putting components on/off of them and you could easily hear the improvement they made.   We had about a (new) Boxter's worth of these big German racks in the store. 

When Eddie suggested this, we kind of wondered. It seemed laughable looking at it the big complex German Rack dwarfing the dainty little Quadraspire.  It seemed impossible, the FGMM Rack's were 10x the cost of the Quadraspire, yet he said it to us calmly and quietly, like he already knew it.  It was like Mr. Bean telling us his Mini was going to smoke a Maybach. "Wanna hear it?" Eddie asked. "Sure!" we answered!

So...we set the little 3 shelf Quadraspire next to our Fine German Music Machine rack, moved our Linn components between them, and sure enough the little David did indeed better Goliath!  Not true for everything in the store, but with Linn equipment it was undeniable.  

We learned a good lesson that day, and it was that you really have to listen to a rack and equipment combination. We also learned to read the Linn documentation more closely, the part where it CLEARLY SAYS to install their equipment on LIGHT LOW MASS stands, like the Quadraspire.  Awww, the Scots.

The Q4 Evo Rack is only 15 1/2" deep, and if you get it with casters, you can easily snug it up as close to the wall as possible, then roll it out/around to work on it.  We love the nice discrete look of the Q4.  The Quadraspire Q4's are built by the level - see pictures.  A level includes either columns or feet.  You can specify column lengths of 5.5", 7", 8.5", 10" or 12.75" and black or silver.