McIntosh C2700 Preamps back in stock

McIntosh C2700's are In-Stock, ready to take home today.

McIntosh C2700 in-stock at Pearl Audio

Enjoy warm glorious tube sound from this most-classic of all McIntosh tube preamplifiers.  Pearl Audio has sold versions of this vaunted lineage for almost twenty years now - going from the 2002 McIntosh C2200, to the C2300, then C2500, C2600 and now C2700.  Each iteration has been a superior sounding unit, even the jump from pure analog C2300) to the analog/digital C2500.  On that note, should you ever have need a McIntosh Opinion, give us a ring. We're the longest running McIntosh dealer in the Northwest and actually sold many current vintage pieces when they were new models. 

The C2700 is McIntosh's definitive classic tube preamplifier but now with a state-of-the art digital DA2 digital audio board. Early C2700's had the DA1 module, but current models all have the DA2. The DA2 is exclusively found on the C53, C2700 and MA12000. You can upgrade a DA1 to a DA2 by purchasing the DA2 module - we do the installation in-shop. 

The DA2 digital audio board features USB, Coax, Toslink, MCT, and HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) - for connection to your TV.  With HDMI ARC, the sound come FROM your TV, TO your stereo, and you can control volume with your TV remote.  The McIntosh MCT lets connect up a reference grade McIntosh dedicated CD/SACD transport that will read the disks and send the digital information, over the included MCT cable, to the high-end digital to analog converter circuit built into the McIntosh DA2. 

PS: The C2700 also has a beautiful sounding tube MM/MC phono stage.


John, Russ, Connor & Tara