Burmester, Klipsch Heritage, and Stenheim

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We have much to celebrate and announce. In the last handful of months, Pearl Audio has been able to acquire additional coveted brands for our hi-fi and music loving community. Now more than ever, there is a whole new world of musical possibilities. We are pleased to announce that Pearl Audio is now your dealer for Burmester, Klipsch Heritage, and Stenheim. These three companies have a collective 138-years of experimenting, building, refining, and listening to its equipment. Following is a little background on each:

Burmester, a German-based manufacturer founded in 1977, by Dieter Burmester, is noted for meticulous craftmanship, innovative designs, and exceptional sound quality.  In July of 1977 (7/77) Dieter Burmester built the very first Burmester component, the Burmester 777 preamplifier as a one-off product for his own use as both a music lover and professional musician.  Soon after, others wanted 777's for themselves, and Burmester Audiosysteme was born. 

Burmester 218 Stereo Amplifier and 909 MK5 Monoblock Amplifiers in Pearl Audio's Reference Room 

Klipsch was founded in 1947 Hope, Arkansas which is where their high-end Klipsch Heritage loudspeakers are still manufactured today.  Founder Paul Klispch designed and hand-built the original prototype Klipschorn speakers with the intention of bringing the excitement of a powerful live-concert loudspeaker into his living room.  Big cabinets, big bass drivers and both horn loaded bass and high range drivers bring excellent performance for classic rock and high jump-factor music.  If AC/DC, Zeppelin, Metallica, and Van Halen are your holy music, Klipsch Heritage is for you.  The wood is nice too.

Klipsch La Scalas, Burmester 032 Integrated and Linn Streamer at Pearl Audio

If Swiss watches were loudspeakers, they would be Stenheims.  Stenheim loudspeakers provide utterly gobsmaking performance combining lifelike resolution with full bodied bass and a refined warm-hearted tone.  Pair these meticulously built Swiss masterpieces with open-class Burmester, Boulder or T+A electronics, and quite simply put, you have magic.  Stenheims benefits include remarkably powerful and articulate bass, compact elegant cabinets,  world-class resolution, and high efficiency.   High efficiency allows them to provide powerful foundational bass with tube and lower powered (Class A) solid-state amplifiers. 

Stenheim Alumine Three SE Loudspeakers with  Burmester 032 Integrated Amplifier,  Linn Selekt LP12 turntable, and Linn Selekt Edition streamer

With the arrival of the new equipment, all of us at Pearl Audio have been listening to each component with immense delight, and we’ve all have had moments where the hair on the back of our necks stands up. Listening to the music we love and thinking collectively, "this is awesome, people need to hear this! What an epic music experience."

If you have not been in the store lately, give us a call and schedule a personalized listening session or simply stop in. We would be delighted to see you. If you love hi-fi like we do, and believe music matters, Pearl Audio Video is an exciting place to be.